Not Hiring at this time.
If you are interested in working at STSC please fill out the appropriate application
and drop it by the club.

  • Swim Instructors - NOT hiring at this time.
  • Life Guards - NOT hiring at this time.
  • Swim Team Coaches - NOT hiring at this time.

  • Front Desk Staff - NOT hiring at this time.
  • Maintenance - NOT hiring at this time

If we are not hiring at this time and you are still interested in turning in an
application for one of the positions above, we would be happy to keep your
application on file in case we need to fill positions at a later date.
Salem Tennis
& Swim Club
To provide excellent tennis, swim and
fitness facilities and programs in a
friendly, family oriented club environment
4318 Lone Oak Rd SE
P.O. Box 3284
Salem, OR 97302
Phone: 503-363-2424
Fax: 503-363-2425